Test Amplification Interviews

Understanding how we can help you improve your test suites

Hey! Thank you for being interested in my research :)

I’m Carolin, a PhD Student looking into how we could help developers automatically improve their test suites. There exist several tools that generate or improve test suites automatically with respect to structural coverage or mutation score. However these are rarely used in practice. In evaluations developers are often unsure how to configure and use them, do not like the generated tests or find the interaction with the tool too cumbersome.

Combating this is what my research focusses on. I want to enable developers to use automated test generation in their day-to-day development.

Currently, I am conducting interviews to understand how developers want to improve their existing test suites and how automated techniques can help them.

That is where you come into play 😊 Would you want to share your vision of testing with me?
Would you want to try out an integrated, automated test improvement tool and give feedback to shape how we develop it further?
Do you want to influence our tool so that it saves you time in writing test in the future?

If you thought “yes” to any of these, read further ↓

How will these interviews look?

One interview is planned to take about 45 minutes.
We’ll start the interview by talking about your vision on testing and your experiences with automated test improvement / generation tools. To make the discussion less abstract, I’ve created an IntelliJ plugin called Test Cube that can amplify JUnit tests. We’ll try out Test Cube on an example project together and discuss how we could adapt and extend Test Cube to be more useful for you.

Don’t fear, there is nothing to install for you beforehand 🙂 I’ve setup IntelliJ, the plugin and example projects in an online environment accessible through your browser.

I plan to conduct them over Zoom, if you would rather use another similar service that is also okay!

How can you participate? 😄

To make scheduling faster than emailing back and forth, I set up an online calendar where you can pick a time that fits you.
Please go to this link: https://www.picktime.com/testamplificationinterviews
Choose “Test Amplification Interviews” & pick a time that fits you. (plan in 45-60 mins). The times are given in Amsterdam time (UTC+1). If you want to use something else than zoom, please tell me in the “Booking Notes” 🙂

After you picked a time, I’ll send you an email with all further details and the meeting link.

If none of the open slots fit you, send me one that fits for you via email & we’ll figure it out 😄

To analyze your answers in-depth I will record the interviews. The recordings will only be shared with the researchers involved in the study and be deleted after the study is completed. If you do not want the interview to be recorded please also send me an email before picking a time slot 😉